Real Decks of Cards Online!

Imagine online poker with real decks of cards! Well, read on because it is coming soon and we have unique access so all the information will be here on Latereg, before anywhere else.

Consider these facts about a real 52 card deck

Every online poker room in the World today ‘manufactures’ virtual playing cards with a computer random number generator program (RNG).  Search the term ’poker is rigged’ and you soon realise that many people do not trust a computer-generated deck of cards to deal a true game of poker, or indeed any online game that uses playing cards as a gambling instrument.

The ONLY True RNG in Poker is an Actual Deck!

Playing cards were invented over 1,000 years ago. Mathematicians state that the chance of anyone shuffling two decks of cards in the same way is infinitesimally small.  The number of permutations of a deck of cards are over eighty unvigintillion, that is 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824-000000000000 ways. Or, if you shuffled one deck every second for the history of the Universe you most probably would not have repeated the deck.

The Real Deal Poker Network is launching soon and we at Latereg have direct access, we will keep you update here.