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Imagine online poker with real decks of cards! Well, read on because it is coming soon and we have unique access so all the information will be here on Latereg, before anywhere else.

Consider these facts about a real 52 card deck

Every online poker room in the World today ‘manufactures’ virtual playing cards with a computer random number generator program (RNG).  Search the term ’poker is rigged’ and you soon realise that many people do not trust a computer-generated deck of cards to deal a true game of poker, or indeed any online game that uses playing cards as a gambling instrument.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 gamblers do not trust RNG.  In 2004, Gene Gioia, a retired former Vietnam Veteran who loved to play poker in clubs and casinos ventured online to play. What Gene found was massive variance, crazy flops and too many bad beats.  Gene took to google and found that he was not alone in his concerns, there was something wrong with online poker.

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“I had to find a way for an online poker room to use real cards and not RNG” Gene Gioia.

The World’s ONLY True RNG in Poker is an Actual Deck!

It surprises people when they realise that a deck of playing cards is the only true random number generator when it comes to card games. Playing cards were invented over 1,000 years ago. Mathematicians state that the chance of anyone shuffling two decks of cards in the same way is infinitesimally small.  The number of permutations of a deck of cards are over eighty unvigintillion, that is 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824-000000000000 ways. Or, if you shuffled one deck every second for the history of the Universe you most probably would not have repeated the deck.

Let’s Make a Real Deck Possible!

It took Gene, his brother Andy Gioia and Dave Cleveland P.E of Timberline Automation 6 years to design, engineer and build the systems that would enable real cards to be used by an online poker room.  You can find more information on the systems here.  When Gioia Systems LLC offered the technology to the major online poker providers, they refused.  In fact, the CEO of an online gaming Company said:

“Why would I consider a product superior to RNG when RNG is providing massive profits?”

Gene is not the type of person to give up, he raised the finances and set off on the road to launch his own online poker room ‘RealDeal Poker’.  Gene found a poker software supplier who was prepared to ‘unplug’ the RNG and replace it with RealDeal systems. That was back in 2010, the site dealt 5 million hands to 15,000 registered players. So, ‘proof of concept’ was completed.

However, a number of things stopped Gene making a success of the online poker room; bad management, lack of funding and poor software were to blame. Gene had to start again. He paid every single player their balances knowing that he would return to online poker.

Poker with Real Card Random Deck Generator (not RNG!)

In 2017, an online gaming software company approached Gene to discuss using the RealDeal technology in a new product.  The dust sheets came off the equipment, Gene put together a new management team, funding followed and the business began. The team is now integrating RealDeal technology and the systems into poker software, but not just a poker room, it will be a poker network!

automated dealing system producing a Real Deck

The Automated Dealing System (ADS) ensures that a deck of cards is checked, scrambled (washed just like in a live dealer game), shuffled, digitized and a video of the deck is taken.  The moment an online game requires a deck, it is provided securely, in an instant. Just as in live poker the player is asked to cut the deck prior to the deal. Cards are burned before; the flop, turn and river.

But RealDeal isn’t just about poker, we know we can create the equipment and systems that can deliver real cards to any online card game.  Games such as; rummy, baccarat, blackjack, pai gow etc. The company is even looking for a bricks and mortar casino poker machine manufacturer.  Every hand is audited; the video audit proves that the deck used in their hand was; complete, ‘washed’ (similar to how a dealer spreads and mixes the cards prior to shuffling), shuffled, cut, dealt (with burn cards). The deck is delivered to the poker software, the dealer button cuts the deck, a card is burnt before the flop, turn and river

It is not possible to audit a deck of cards that has been manufactured by RNG. There is a reason that State Lotteries use ping-pong balls instead or RNG.

If a Real Deck of cards is possible online, why would you choose RNG?

RealDeal Systems

The World’s ONLY online REAL CARD random DECK generator!

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