Poker League Operator Scoops

After years of operating the Grassroots Poker League Dave Hulmes finally scooped the Regional Final. The final carried a £3,000 prize pool and after the final 9 agreed to give the bubble finisher a ‘drink’ that then left £940 to the winner, which Dave eventually bagged.

”as League Operator did you feel bad taking it down”, I asked. ”To be honest I really didn’t know what to do when it was nearing the final table, I asked the guys whether I should play on and after lots of banter they said of course I should play and good luck to me, so I got my head down and it went great, I just picked up some amazing hands”

Dave has been running Grassroots Poker for some years and has been working tirelessly to make a success of the league and that hard work now looks to have paid off. The online poker room Devilfish Poker has invested in the league and Dave finds himself in a great position to grow. Dave explained, ”I was lucky to have know the legend Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott and we would chat a lot over Skype, I even visited him at his house which is a story for another time, he always had time for guys like me, just trying my best to do something in a game I love, so when the Operations Director for the company gave me a call I thought ‘yeah, this could be good’, we have had an online partner before but they just want your players to sign up, put a couple of freerolls on the site etc and that is usually it”.

”So what was different”. ”Well Devilfish for one, but it was what the company wanted to do with a league poker that really interested me, so we have been planning for over a year and Devilfish Poker has been supporting and this year became a partner”. ”We lost Dave Ulliott this year but I know he wanted us to give it a go, so we will all try our hardest for the legend”.

Devilfish Poker is returning online within the next couple of months and Grassroots Poker league is growing fast, with some of the largest prize funds in league poker it is sure to prove a winner with pub poker players. Grassroots has 4 Regional Finals a year with a £3k prize fund and a natonal with over £10,000 on offer plus ‘Golden Tickets’ that players can win throughout the year which give them all-expenses trips plus entry to some massive tournaments around the world. If your pub is interested in learning more about Grassroots Poker then email Dave on