The Great British Rake Off

Pub Poker Rip-Off Rake

I hate getting ripped off and I hate being a mug. Unfortunately, if I played in the majority of UK pub poker leagues I would pay the highest poker tournament rake in the World.

Players are paying massive rake, typically in the following leagues; The Nuts Poker League, Red Tooth Poker League, Champions Poker League, Live Pub Poker League, Hi5 Pub Poker League and 99% of the other leagues. Now I know at least one of the owners of these leagues will be threatening me with legal action (again) if I do not remove this blog post, F$*! Him.

Simple ‘Rithmatic

Here’s how you will get ripped off: Every venue pays a weekly fee to take part (usually £20+), at the end of each season (typically 13 weeks) there is a final or ‘regional final’. The companies that operate the leagues only pay out a fraction of what they take in and they will actually boast about it on their websites! For example; if a league has 150 venues and it states that it pays out £60k a year in prizes, it is ripping players off. That company is paying out less than half! What other poker game / tournament would players play in if they were paying more than 50% registration fees / rake, none.

Howver, that is not all. When the players go to the casino to play the final, they must pay ‘entry fee’ & ‘registration fee’ so they are getting raked again FFS! The biggest UK league boasts more than 1,000 pubs. Do they pay £1 million a year in prizes, erm, no. If you play in a league in the UK do the math yourself and then decide if you are being mugged or not.

No More!

Players must stop being mugged off and organize their own leagues. Look at the other pub games; darts, dominoes, crib and pool. All these games have leagues that are run by men and women on a voluntary basis.

Some of you reading this will know that we sponsor and help operate and for more than 4 years have paid out more in prizes than has been paid in. Each pub pays £20, we have 12/13 pubs and every 3 months the final pays £3,000 in prizes. We help new venues by paying for equipment. It would be great to team up with other small leagues around the country, come on, let’s unite!

Imagine a Grassroots Poker League in 20 cities around the UK. Each league offering a fantastic final prize fund. Let’s come together and organize a major tournament which only league members can buy into. It would be a fantastic social event. I could even organize our own online poker room just for league players.

Come on my brothers and sisters of UK Poker, let us unite and kick the fat cats out of the pubs!

Drop me an email if interested: